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The PCM - Personal Cooling Module

Cool as You Like With 3 different modes for both back module and fans, you can decide on your very own cooling microclimate. In addition, the fans are highly personalized for targeted cooling, where they can be flipped, swiveled, rotated, and pulled across strap. The fans are also detachable and can be used on its own


Heavy-duty IP54 water and dust-resistant ARC Cooler is designed to weather the elements and be. It is also CE mark and functional safety registered for use with a piece of mind.

Works Through A
Variety Of Clothing

Long-lasting up to 8h

Functional Safety Certified

Cost Efficient to operate

IP54 Water & Dust Resistant

Modular and Portable

Fuss-free easy maintenance

365 days of warranty

Be Cool

ARC Cooler keeps you cool by continuously removing large heat load from your body, even through clothing. With an improved cooling plate that is now 6x larger, upgraded Thermo-flo Tech, and adjustable twin fans for targeted cooling, ARC Cooler significantly lowers skin surface temperature by as much as 9oC.