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Alfresco Cooling

Outdoor Event Cooling

If you are planning to throw an alfresco dining party or other events, consider investing in a cooling system to keep your guests comfortable. Safety Cool provides you with a quality selection of cooling units that will keep attendees fresh and relaxed.

The Importance of Event Cooling

To throw a successful event, your guests must be kept cool. Here are some examples of why utilising a cooling system is so critical:

  • Eliminates extreme heat: There are numerous health consequences associated with your body’s internal temperature rising too high as a result of exposure to heat. A few examples include nausea and vertigo, which could lead to one of your guests passing out.
  • Keep food cool: If your venue is planning to keep food outside for a buffet-style option, it’s vital that you have a cooling system in place so that the food does not spoil during the event. Along with making sure that the food containers are surrounded with lots of ice, setting up cooling units near the edibles for an extra burst of cold air so that everything stays fresh, is an excellent practice.
  • Equipment cooling: Is there a DJ that is playing at an event? Hot temperatures could increase the chance that his or her equipment overheats which would leave a frustrated entertainer and disappointed socialisers. By setting up a unit near the DJ booth, you reduce the risk of a party catastrophe.

Tips Regarding Outdoor Event Cooling

We understand that when you are throwing an outdoor party, you want it to go off without a hitch. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you are planning for your event:

  • Have water available: While it is great to keep the temperature in the event area cool, it is essential to have an abundance of beverages available to ensure that your guests remain hydrated. If you are offering alcohol at the party, try to encourage partygoers to have an even balance of water and alcohol to avoid any risk of dehydration.
  • Indoor option: Even though you have a cooling unit for your party, it’s important to remember that some of your guests may feel better sitting inside for a little while. Try to have indoor seating available to give partygoers a break from the elements for a few minutes by supplying them with options for indoor sitting.
  • Check the weather: Hot days often come with the possibility of thunderstorms. Try to check the weather before your event to see if you should set up a tent for protection from the rain.

About Safety Cool

With nearly a decade of experience in the portable cooling industry, the professionals at Safety Cool are committed to assist in providing your guests with alfresco cooling. The units are versatile and ideal for any industry. Our customer service team is always available to speak to you about any concerns so that you feel confident in your purchase.

Reach out to us through our contact page if you are interested in our alfresco cooling options.