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The best portable cooling solutions for Australian businesses.

Portable Cooling Solutions & Evaporative Coolers Australia

Needing a way for your business to stay cool during those warmer months? Evaporative coolers from Safety Cool are your answer.

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Keep guests comfortable in the summer heat with an Evaporative Air Cooler in Australia

Australia’s notorious for climate extremes, especially during the summer, which highlights how important it is that businesses and governmental organisations use evaporative coolers to keep the heat under control. These coolers are cost-effective ways to keep your employees and guests comfortable in any condition.

How does evaporative cooling work? Watch this video and learn more about the benefits of using evaporative coolers.

Want to learn more about our portable Evaporative cooling products?

Safety Cool offers the perfect blend of knowledge, quality products, and working experience for all your commercial cooling needs.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Evaporative Cooler in Australia

Whether you’re a for-profit business or a government organisation relying on taxpayer revenue, the financial bottom line is always an important consideration. Here are several ways that our services can help keep yours in check.

Comfortable customers are more likely to return and continue paying for your services. Our coolers can keep everyone more comfortable to let you welcome your guests in the right frame of mind to return time and again.

Even the most diligent employees slow down in situations where they are overheated and overstrained. Instead of leaving them to take water breaks and breathers, mitigate the heat that limits their ability to focus on work.

Work with Safety Cool, a company that provides ongoing maintenance and spare parts for your cooling systems. Our technicians can help you remain functional even in the toughest conditions and minimise any repair expenditures you face.

The Importance of an Evaporative Cooling System

Some of the most intense businesses and organisations rely on these cooling systems to prevent the Australian heat from becoming unbearable. These organisations include:

Restaurants that welcome many people at a time. The constant opening and closing doors can easily let cool air escape when it’s essential to keep your customers comfortable. Our evaporative cooling systems can reduce stress heat both for your patrons and your employees.

Mining and other heavy industrial purposes often place employees in drastically uncomfortable locations. Over time, the strain from overheating can cause significant hardships for your employees. A large portable evaporative cooler can have an exceptional impact when it comes to reducing that strain.

These systems are also ideal for temporary events that involve many people, such as weddings and business conferences. We can bring these portable units anywhere you need them, which is perfect for locations that are not already fitted out with climate control.

What Sets Safety Cool Apart Regarding an Evaporative Air Cooler in Australia?

While other companies provide similar services, no one offers the same blend of service and support that we do. This benefit manifests in several ways that distinguish us from the competition:

We have extensive experience working with evaporative cooling fans. Over 10 years, we’ve established a familiarity that goes beyond simple technical knowledge. We’ve installed an evaporative cooling fan in many businesses to address significant climate control needs to great effect. As a result, we can apply this knowledge to your space to design the ideal solutions for your cooling needs.

Our products have all been tested in markets throughout the world and proven to work. As a result, you can confidently use any system we sell with the knowledge that it’s a trusted brand sold in many countries. We continually seek better options and will only import and sell those models that meet our high standards for quality.

We’re interested in ensuring that you get the product that’s ideal for your business. When you contact our team for a consultation, you won’t be upsold on an unnecessary upgrade. Instead, you’ll receive assistance to find a system that’s powerful enough for your needs without going over your budget.

Why Trust Safety Cool Regarding Your Evaporative Cooling Unit

Our focus has always been on air conditioning. In a country like Australia, we know how hot it can get and how important it is to stay cool

We’ve consistently worked with systems that stand up to the pressures and challenges of the Australian climate, and we’ve spent years figuring out which cooling systems meet the grade and which should be ignored. Ultimately, different companies will have different needs, but we know there’s a system that will suit your needs. The best way to determine that is to speak with one of our team members directly. Contact us today and book a consultation to see how our systems can benefit your business.