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Safety Cool has been in the business of portable cooling units since 2008.


Safety Cool has been in the business of portable cooling units since 2008, We have helped many customers find a suitable solution for their cooling issues. We have a depth of knowledge in commercial air-conditioning with our partner company AIrcomtech.

We have put some of these questions and solutions here in the following articles, along with some useful information.

We hope that the following information can help in working out a solution for you!

If you have any other enquires, please contact us. 

There are a few different options when it comes to portable cooling. Each one has its pros and cons and price points, as a general rule the cooler you want to be the more expensive it will be. We call this “THE PRICE OF COMFORT”.

Types of cooling

  • Fans
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Indirect evaporative cooling
  • Refrigerated cooling

Every one has a different comfort levels. some people feel cold more than others. So the the type of cooling you choose is a very personal one as the comfort level you feel differs from person to person. The main things we look at when choosing a cooling solution is temperature, humidity, airflow, and what I call My Comfort Feel.

My Comfort Feel or (MCF) is the how it actually feels on you.

Fans typically recirculate the ambient surrounding air. So if its 40 Deg C in the space where the fan is. Then the air blown around is still only 40 Deg C. The cooling you feel is usually due to the chill factor or evaporation of sweat from your skin. Fans work well in moving air but don’t actually cool the air. so whether you have a ceiling fan , wall mounted fan , portable fan or one of the Big ass fans, there will be limitations in the amount of cool feel you will feel. typically the fell you get is around 2-5 degrees from your skin.

Evaporative cooling is also known as adiabatic cooling. it is cooling using water, the evaporation of the water removes the heat from the air. This process is classed as Direct evaporative cooling. This is where the water is in direct contact with the hot air  and as it evaporates, creates cooled air and increases the humidity and water content in the air. This can be achieved in 2 ways, firstly through the use of a cooling media or cooling pads and secondly with a misting type system. Evaporative cooling works best in dryer hot climates as the cooling performance is great in these conditions. in very dry conditions ,evaporative cooling can achieve up to 12 Deg C temperature drop from ambient temperatures. for example at 40 Deg C and 20% RH its is possible to achieve an air off temp of 28 Deg C. Though in higher humidity conditions it can be as low as only a 4 Deg C temperature difference. This comes down to the amount of actual moisture content in the ambient air.

In terms of MCF, the air is cooler than ambient and is comfortable. In dryer climates evaporative cooling can feel really cold. though in more humid climates although there is some cooling the increased humidity can make it fell muggy.

Typically evaporative system have high airflows and the chill factor can also make the system feel even colder with the added effect of evaporation from you perspiration, this is greatly dependent on ambient humidity though.

Ideal in open area conditions. or in closed in spaces it is essential to relieve the air out of the space as the space can quickly increase in humidity and moisture contact  making it feel hotter and humid.

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