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Workshop Cooling

Beat the Heat with Workshop Cooling Systems In Australia

Managing a workshop successfully means juggling many areas of responsibility successfully each day, from promoting a safe work environment to ensuring that the right materials remain available to allow critical steps in each day’s work to unfold. There is one element; however, that is integral to high productivity and long-term success — and it is one of the easiest to forget. That element is the workshop environment itself. It’s no secret that hot days can make the mercury rise in workshops across Australia. At Safety Cool, we provide powerful products that deliver cost-effective cooling to keep your workers comfortable while safeguarding their health on sweltering days.

Problems Which Workshop Evaporative Coolers Can Help to Address

Why invest in workshop cooling fans? These unique items, which rely on a powerful fan and the natural cooling abilities of evaporating water to drop the temperature in a space, can help you to solve several serious concerns that could impact your operations. These issues include:

  • Localised areas of very high heat that other cooling systems cannot address. For example, there may be spaces near heavy machinery, or indoor/outdoor areas, which a HVAC system cannot cool. Using an evaporative cooler in the space is an easy way to provide efficient small-space cooling.
  • Cooling in areas where electricity is only available by generator as is common in mining applications and other scenarios. Our coolers can run off a single generator, enabling you to provide cooling on demand wherever necessary.
  • Avoid overheated workers. Extended labour in high heat can stress the body while lowering effectiveness.

Promote a safer, more pleasant work environment by avoiding the risks of heat stress through workshop cooling fans.

What Sets Safety Cool Apart in Offering Workshop Cooling Systems?

It is easy to see why evaporative coolers could be the right choice for a hot workshop that faces continual cooling challenges — but why should you partner with Safety Cool to meet your hardware requirements? Just take a look at how we stand apart:

  • We are a licensed distributor for USA-built Portacool products, a leader in portable evaporative cooling. Sold around the world and with a proven track record in many countries, Portacool fans are cutting-edge investments with long-term value.
  • Our team goes the extra mile to assist clients in identifying the right solutions. Begin a conversation about your operational requirements, the challenges you face, and other limitations — and we will help you work out a solution.

From robust American-made coolers to our dedication to helping our clients identify only the solutions that will address their needs directly, Safety Cool can be a valued partner for businesses throughout Australia.

About Safety Cool

With more than a decade of experience in evaporative cooling products, Safety Cool offers our clients access to a clear and unbiased look at how to address heat concerns on the job. Ultimately, we all want the same thing — productive employees who can come to work without concern for their safety. By helping address the serious issues surrounding heat stress on the job, we aim to change the way others think about cooling. Contact us today for details on how we can help.