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Product Applications

Alfresco Cooling

If you are planning to throw an alfresco dining party or other events, consider investing in a cooling system to keep your guests comfortable. Safety Cool provides you with a

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Animal Cooling

If you are in the agricultural industry, you know that hot temperatures tend to have adverse effects on your livestock. The portable cooling systems at Safety Cool help to put

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Mining Cooling

Mining Cooling Systems in Australia.
The air quality and harsh conditions of mining sites require a sufficient ventilation and cooling solution to keep workers safe and productive. Safety Cool’s Mining

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Warehouse Cooling

Industrial Cooling Fans. A warehouse is a structure built for practical use rather than comfort, but sometimes it’s necessary to keep the building cool when the temperature outside is high.

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Factory Cooling

Avoid Concerns Surrounding Heat Stress with Factory Cooling Solutions. Few structures are as challenging to cool as a factory; large spaces, continuously operating heavy machinery, and temperature-intensive applications all combine

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Workshop Cooling

Beat the Heat with Workshop Cooling Systems In Australia. Managing a workshop successfully means juggling many areas of responsibility successfully each day, from promoting a safe work environment to ensuring

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Why Trust Safety Cool Regarding Your Evaporative Cooling Unit

Our focus has always been on air conditioning. In a country like Australia, we know how hot it can get and how important it is to stay cool

We’ve consistently worked with systems that stand up to the pressures and challenges of the Australian climate, and we’ve spent years figuring out which cooling systems meet the grade and which should be ignored. Ultimately, different companies will have different needs, but we know there’s a system that will suit your needs. The best way to determine that is to speak with one of our team members directly. Contact us today and book a consultation to see how our systems can benefit your business.