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Portable Air Conditioner Hire

Spot cooling rental solutions for both permanent and temporary needs in Perth.

Spot Cooler Rental In Perth

Safety Cool has been offering our clients some of the best cooling solutions for both their permanent and temporary needs for over a decade, and this includes fan hire. Whether you are putting on an event in a tent or other structure or need some extra cooling for your warehouse, telecommunication closet or server room, we have a spot cooler rental in Perth to match your needs. Our team is both experienced in using our coolers in a variety of spaces and have a technical background with these systems.

Why you need portable air conditioner hire?

Australia is known for its hot and dry weather, even in the Perth area with its cooling sea breeze, which makes spot cooler rental a vital consideration for your temporary cooling needs. Overheated workers are less efficient than comfortable ones. Customers and event-goers are much more likely to stick around when they are not sweating through their shirts. A few of the specific problems that our spot cooler hire can help with include:

A massive heat wave can overtax your existing cooling systems. Instead of letting your workers and equipment suffer from the effects of the heat, a spot cooler can assist your current system to keep them comfortable.

Events put on in temporary buildings such as tents, especially during the summer need to have cooling to keep the party-goers happy. Traditional cooling methods are unsuitable and cost-prohibitive for such a temporary event. Not so with our spot cooler hire.

If the air conditioning in your retail or dining establishment breaks down, getting it serviced can take some time. Instead of letting your customers wallow in the heat or find a different place to shop or eat, use a spot cooler to keep them happy while you are waiting for your repairs.

The cooling system you trust to keep your employees and customers comfortable is a vital part of your event. When you come to us, you can expect that our experienced team will take care of your needs in the following ways:

With the experience we have cooling spaces of differing sizes, we will help you determine the best cooling solution for your needs.

Our team excels at service and support. We can provide technical information and help to keep the spot cooler you hire working optimally.

We only offer quality products that meet our high standard and have been internationally proven to work as advertised.

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