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Kuul Control MicroTech

MicroTech – Superior Efficiency in Less Space

For the highest efficiency and longevity requirements, look no further than Kuul Control MicroTech evaporative media. This innovative line of evaporative media has a unique design, which allows water and air to mix turbulently for improved heat and moisture transfer – thus resulting in the highest rate of evaporation possible. Made of the highest quality organic fiber available, MicroTech provides the maximum ability to withstand harsh environments longer, while demonstrating the highest efficiencies on the market.

Portacool, LLC is devoted to sourcing superior materials and manufacturing with the highest quality standards as well as ongoing product development. For current performance data, contact your Kuul® evaporative media expert.

Why Kuul Control Performance Makes a Difference

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • Constructed of the highest quality raw materials
  • Manufacturer’s authorized replacement evaporative media

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When Cooling Is Vital

Kuul evaporative media provides several cooling solutions to keep you in control of your facility. Our Kuul Control™ technology is designed to be customizable and deliver the high-performance cooling you need. Our technology provides industry-leading water absorption and saturation efficiency, ensuring our commercial evaporative cooling pads will provide durable, long-lasting results.

PowerGT is used in these industries

  • HVAC
  • Automotive
  • Portable Evaporative Coolers

Performance Chart

Kuul PowerGT Features

  • The performance data shown below is independently tested and verified by a third party under required, stringent testing conditions.
  • Due to external factors including, but not limited to, installation practices, maintenance practices, water quality, humidity and ambient temperature, results may vary.


Kuul Evaporative Media