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Portable Cooling

Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

There’s no better time to invest in a portable evaporative air conditioner than today. The days are only going to get hotter, while your customers and employees will need help staying cool every day. Safety Cool offers high-quality systems and exceptional service that is certain to help you find the ideal system for your needs.

Benefits of a Portable Evaporative Cooler in Australia

Portacool Jetstream 240

These cooling systems have several benefits that serve distinct functions:

  • You can use a portable evaporative air cooler in Australia to cool heavy machinery that tends to overheat. Our coolers can significantly offset the temperature build-up, which is ideal for construction, mining, and other industries that push machinery to its limits.
  • Farmers, both on the family farm and industrial farming scale, have to take care of their animals. During the hottest days, this task can prove incredibly difficult as barns and stockyards tend not to have ample ventilation. Portable cooling units can step in to serve temporary needs until the temperature lowers again.
  • Every business needs to keep its employees cool to ensure that they continue operating at peak efficiency. Sustained heat can increase fatigue and add unwanted stress to your employees when they’d rather be focusing on the tasks in front of them.

What Sets Safety Cool Apart Regarding a Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner

Portacool Jetstream 250

We believe that quality and service are the most important parts of our business. Consider several ways that we put that belief into action:

  • Our team offers ongoing support for those who are first considering the benefits of evaporative cooling systems. You can speak with our experienced support team to learn about the unique benefits of evaporative cooling in the Australian climate.
  • You’ll only find tested and proven equipment in our stock house. When you contract us to provide evaporative cooling, we rely on systems that are consistently used in extreme climates throughout the world and have shown time and again to successfully produce the results you deserve.
  • If you ever need repairs, we both carry the parts you’ll need and can handle those repairs for you. Reach out to us any time you need new systems or services, and we’ll provide an honest assessment regarding the best way that you should proceed, especially if we can save you money while giving you the best results.

In conclusion, investing in a portable evaporative air conditioner from Safety Cool is a wise choice for anyone who needs to keep cool in Australia’s hot climate. Whether you need to cool heavy machinery, provide temporary relief for livestock, or ensure your employees stay comfortable, our high-quality systems and exceptional service can provide the ideal solution for your needs. With our experienced support team, tested and proven equipment, and reliable repair services, you can trust Safety Cool to keep you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets.

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About Safety Cool

For 10 years, we’ve been serving Australian businesses to help them manage their climate control needs. Our evaporative cooling systems take advantage of minimal humidity to produce impressive results while using minimum power. You can rely on evaporative cooling to function as an environmentally-friendly way to keep your employees and your clients comfortable even on the hottest days. Ultimately, as a business owner, you want to ensure that everyone who sets foot in your building is as safe and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to speak with someone who wants to help you find the perfect system for your business.