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Commercial Cooling

Commercial Evaporative Coolers

At Safety Cool, we are proud to be one of the most experienced suppliers of commercial cooling fans in Australia. We regularly work with commercial entities to cool their workspaces, usually by way of commercial portable cooler technology.

Where many air conditioning industry businesses focus on fixed building cooling systems, we often focus on cooling other more difficult spaces, such as mining sites, workshops, military sites, outdoor event venues, theme parks and more.

Problems Safety Cool Addresses

What types of problems can our focus on portable evaporative cooler commercial help solve? Here are just a few of the issues that we can circumnavigate through the use of a powerful, portable cooling fan.

  • Heat stress and fatigue: For employees working in scorching environments—whether outdoors on a construction site or inside a hot factory or workshop—the danger of heat stress and fatigue is genuine. Employers who can reduce heat stress on the job can improve worker productivity, reduce the risk of injury on the job and perhaps even save lives.
  • Discomfort: Even if it’s not hot enough in a workspace for heat stress to be a hugely pressing concern, there’s still comfort to consider. It’s just not comfortable to be sweating bullets at all hours of the day or to feel like you’re always thinking about how warm you feel. Air conditioning can provide a more comfortable environment and allow your employees to keep their minds on their work and off the thermostat. Workers in office environments and most other indoor spaces enjoy this privilege, so why not outdoor employees too?
  • Extreme heat of outdoor venues: Heat stress and overall discomfort aren’t just a problem in work contexts. Outdoor venues in the summer can also be areas of high risk for this type of danger. Concert venues, wedding venues and other outdoor event spaces require the protection and relief that a robust commercial cooling fan can provide.

commercial evaporative cooler

What Sets Safety Cool Apart Regarding Commercial Cooling?

When it comes to selecting the right commercial evaporative air cooler for your workspace or venue, Safety Cool is the right place to start. Here are a few factors that set us apart from other businesses that serve the commercial cooling space.

  • Our focus on portable coolers: We are not a conventional air conditioning or HVAC business. Instead, we put our focus on mobile cooling fan systems that you can feasibly implement in virtually any type of space.
  • The brands we carry: We strive to stock products from the very best brands currently serving this niche of the commercial cooling market. Those options include commercial evaporative cooler systems from the likes of Portacool and Airbitat—both globally-respected companies. Portacool concentrates on direct evaporative cooling, while Airbitat has revolutionised indirect evaporative cooling. Check out the product pages on our website to learn more about the difference between these two types of evaporative cooling.
  • Our commitment to top-tier customer service: We have been in business for a decade now. In that time, the thing we have learned the most is how vital customer service is for our type of business. Customers need our help to recommend the best portable cooling systems for their purposes. They rely on us for ongoing product support and troubleshooting. They come to us when they require a spare part for one of their systems. We are proud to provide all the above and more. Our focus, every time, is to help you solve the unique challenges your business is facing regarding temperature management, heat stress and cooling.

Why Trust Safety Cool

Rather than tell you about why you should trust us with your cooling needs, we’d love to speak with you directly. With every client, we strive to learn all about their needs and pain points, so that we can direct them to the most optimal solutions to those issues. We think that, within a few minutes of talking to us, you’ll know precisely why you should trust our experienced team. Reach out today to get started.

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About Safety Cool

For 10 years, we’ve been serving Australian businesses to help them manage their climate control needs. Our evaporative cooling systems take advantage of minimal humidity to produce impressive results while using minimum power. You can rely on evaporative cooling to function as an environmentally-friendly way to keep your employees and your clients comfortable even on the hottest days. Ultimately, as a business owner, you want to ensure that everyone who sets foot in your building is as safe and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to speak with someone who wants to help you find the perfect system for your business.