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Portacool Jetstream 270 Evaporative Cooler

The Portacool Jetstream 270 Evaporative Cooler is an efficient cooling solution designed to cool down large areas. It’s ideal for commercial or industrial settings, such as warehouses, factories, outdoor events, and garages. If you’re someone who owns or manages a large space that needs cooling, the Portacool Jetstream 270 Evaporative Cooler is a great option to consider!

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The newly designed Portacool Jetstream 270 is the largest unit in this series and provides a massive 10 600 l/s of airflow. With a belt driven 48” fan the Jetstream 270 provides maximum airflow, whilst keeping fan noise levels at a comfortable and acceptable level. For commercial customers we recommend this unit for large area cooling as in the right conditions it can cool up to 525m2. Large workshops and factories benefit from using the Portacool Jetstream 270 as there is no need for installation, which is extremely beneficial for properties where installation is not possible or restricted by property owners. Don’t be fooled by the large size of the JS 270, this unit can be easily manoeuvred!

The Jetstream 270 has a 3 bladed belt-driven fan capable of providing cool air up to 525m2 in the right setup. With around 6 – 8 hours of water in the tank, it can be operated without hose connection for a working day. It also has hose connection and float for direct ongoing operation. A powerful variable speed fan, low water pump safety and water level indicator are all standard features on the Portacool Jetstream 270. Its tough UV stabilised polyethylene rota-mould housing has been designed for maximum air velocity and durability in the toughest of conditions. High efficiency 150mm deep bed KUUL Evaporative Cooling Media provides the optimum airflow and cooling ratio, providing the optimum KUUL effect. Its simple design allows for easy maintenance access and cleaning, Quick connect electrical components also allow for user servicing in the future. The JS 270 plugs into a standard 10amp GPO and is energy efficient with low power consumption.

Typical Applications:

  •  Large factories and workshops
  • Poultry/chicken sheds
  • Aviation hangers
  • Manufacturing

All parts available in Australia

Download the Jetstream 270 Portacool Unit Specification Sheet

Check out Portacool’s Youtube Playlist for more information on the Jetstream Series of units as well as unit overviews

Air Delivery

10620l/s / 38227m3/h







Cooling Capacity


Water Reservoir


Dimensions (cm)

229 H x 201 W x 104 D




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