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Weltem Air Conditioner WPC 168

The WPC 168 is the most popular air conditioner in the marketplace. This unit has an intelligent control system with a fully adjustable thermostat, hour time and alarm to notify you when the condensation bucket is full. The two arms allow for additional ducting so that you can cool two areas at once.

WELTEM Portable Refrigerated Air Conditioners

Here at Safety Cool we are constantly searching for high quality and efficient cooling products. We Currently distribute the Weltem brand of Portable refrigerated air conditioning units.

WELTEM Portable Refrigerated Air Conditioners

We currently stock two models of the Weltem units: WPC-168 (4.9kW) and WPC-208 (6.1kW).

These units are commercial quality units designed for temporary cooling. Simple to use and will operate off a standard 10 amp power point.

Weltem units can be used within the conditioned space by ducting the condenser air (hot air) out of the conditioned space using the top connection. They can also sit outside the conditioned space and ducted in. Here at Safety Cool we can supply the appropriate accessories and ducting to get the maximum performance from your Weltem Portable Air

Portable refrigerated Air conditioner use case:

  • Computer room back up
  • Temporary cooling for offices and home use
  • Tent cooling
  • Emergency shelter cooling
  • Spot cooling
  • Product cooling
  • Equipment cooling
  • Confined Space cooling and many other uses
Air Delivery

715 m3/h

Cooling Capacity

4.9 kW




Multi speed


240 Volt 50 hertz

Water tank

20 litre Condensate tank

Dimensions (cm)

104.2 H x 52.3 W x 67.2 D